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To record a security interest on a newly purchased vehicle or a vehicle changing ownership, a secured party must complete and submit a CHEROKEE NATION LIEN ENTRY FORM along with the assigned Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (new vehicle) or title (used vehicle) and the lien filing fee of $10.00 to Cherokee Nation Tax Commission. The lien will be processed and the appropriate forms returned to the secured party. The secured party will return the appropriate documents to the debtor with a notice to title and register the vehicle within thirty (30) days. Upon payment of all applicable transfer taxes and fees, a Cherokee Nation title will be issued to the record owner, reflecting the perfected lien.

The above lien filing procedure also applies when a lien is being perfected on a vehicle that is not changing ownership. The lien filing fee is $10.00, in addition to the title fee of $6.00. A new Cherokee Nation title reflecting the perfected lien will be issued to the record owner.

Refer to LIEN FILING AND RELEASE GUIDELINES in the Downloadable Forms Section of this site for downloadable instructions concerning the above procedures.

To release a lien, the lienholder must sign and date two (2) release forms. Mail one (1), signed and dated copy of a lien release to Cherokee Nation Tax Commission P.O. Box 948 Tahlequah, OK 74465; and one (1) signed and dated copy of the lien release to the debtor.

When a lien release cannot be obtained, a notarized statement from the secured party may be accepted. Refer to LIEN RELEASE AFFIDAVIT LETTER or AFFIDAVIT OF LIEN RELEASE in the DOWNLOADABLE FORMS SECTION of this site for downloadable instructions on this process.

Please note all information on lien entry forms must be typed, or computer generated. Forms must be legible. Forms with illegible information will not be accepted.

LIEN ENTRY FORM 69-01 is specifically formatted for personal computer entry. Available for downloading from the Downloadable Forms section of this site. Non-complying forms will be rejected.

Three (3) identical copies of the completed lien entry form are to be generated by the lender and submitted to the Cherokee Nation Tax Commission.