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VIN Inspection

All previously registered vehicles, regardless of age, entering Cherokee Nation from Oklahoma, another state, another tribe, or territory, must be physically inspected before an original Cherokee Nation title may be issued.

Option 1: Inspection can be done by a Cherokee Nation Motor Vehicle Division Agent or Cherokee Nation Tax Commission Personnel - $2 fee

Option 2: Applicant Self Inspection forms may be completed, notarized and submitted along with a $2 processing fee. In order for Cherokee Nation Tax Commission Agent to Notarized (attest or witness) form must be signed in the presence of an agent.

Self Vin Inspection Form 82-01 may be found in the Downloadable Forms section.

A non-complying form will be rejected; for example, incomplete, erasures, strikeovers, whiteout, and or illegible information.

List "N/A" in the odometer reading section of the Application when inspecting a travel trailer.