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Motor Vehicle Registration

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.
  • Applicant must reside within the Cherokee Nation Compact Jurisdiction.

ITEMS REQUIRED TO REGISTER VEHICLE, MOTORCYCLE, RECREATIONAL VEHICLE, MINITRUCK (ATVs & TRAVEL TRAILERS DO NOT REQUIRE INSURANCE VERIFICATION FOR REGISTRATION) MSO or Title. If an MSO, it must be signed by dealership. It must be notarized unless the vehicle was purchased from a non-notary state.

Tribal Citizenship
Name on tribal citizens Drivers License must match the name that is on Tribal Citizenship Card. Documents accepted for proof include.

  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Legal adoption documents
  • legal name change documents

It must be signed by the seller. It must be notarized unless the vehicle was purchased from a non-notary state.

Odometer Disclosure
Vehicles that are 10 years old and less will require an odometer reading. Most titles have an odometer disclosure statement as part of the assignment. This must be completed unless title or MSO is accompanied with an odometer disclosure statement.

Bill of Sale
A bill of sale is required with vehicles that originated from new or used dealers. An Affidavit of Vehicle Purchase Price may be complete on all others.

Insurance Verification
Oklahoma insurance verification required with all transfers.

Insurance verifications shall contain the following

  1. Name, Address of Carrier, & NAIC Company Code.
  2. Name, Address, & telephone of the agent where security verification may be verified, if other than the carrier.
  3. Name of insured.
  4. Notice that an owner’s policy has been issued pursuant to compulsory insurance law of this state.
  5. Year, Make, & The VIN of each insured vehicle.
  6. Inclusive dates the motor vehicle liability policy is in effect.
  7. The policy number.

Drivers License
A valid Oklahoma drivers license is necessary to register a vehicle through the Cherokee Nation.

Proof of Residence
Utility bill (Water, Gas, or Electric) dated in the last 30 days. Current physical address on Driver License.

Lien Information
If lien information has already been perfected on MSO or title this information will be stamped on the face of the title. In the case that the lien has not been perfected. The lien information must be documented on the back of the title and a Cherokee Nation Lien Entry Form must be typed and signed by the lending institution and presented along with the title or MSO.

Application for CN Certificate of Title – required to be completed, signed, and notarized with mail-in titles only.

Additional Requirements
In compliance with Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations [MV:01-3-306; 7;a]: All previously-registered vehicles entering the reservation boundaries must be physically inspected (VIN INSPECTION) before an original Cherokee Nation Title may be issued.

Additional Information
Only motor vehicles are required to submit insurance verification upon registration. Travel trailer, trailers are not included in the motor vehicle category and are not required to have an insurance verification form.

All registrations expire the last day of the month shown on the registration. The following month is considered a grace month during which no penalty accrues. After the grace month, on vehicles a daily penalty accrues. On the first day of the following month, the maximum penalty will apply ($.25 per day). The penalty may not exceed two (2) times the registration fee due.

Your registration should be carried in the vehicle at all times.

For Rebuilt Title inspections on a rebuilt – salvage vehicle an appointment must be made by calling 918-453-5100. The vehicle owner must complete a Rebuilt Inspection Request and submit it to the Cherokee Nation Tax Commission. If the owner indicates on the request form that a Cherokee Nation Tax Commission Assigned Serial Number is required, the number must be assigned first and be permanently affixed to the vehicle before the rebuilt inspection can be performed. A date and time will be designated for the inspection to be performed with ten (10) working days of receipt of the request.

An Authorization for Travel and Inspection, authorizing the applicant to operate the vehicle upon the public streets, roads, and highways in route to and from the designated location for inspection will be submitted.

Cherokee Nation Tax Commission also registers Motorcycles, Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicles, ATV’s, and Mini-Trucks.