Tag Office

Street Legal - Utility Terrain Vehicle

Street Legal Utility Terrain Vehicle: shall mean a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, or rotator displacement of four hundred cubic centimeters (400cc) or more or by an electric engine and capable of speeds of 45 mph or greater, safety belts or shoulder harness for each occupant, bench seat or side by side seat, four wheels in contact with the ground but excluding tractor.

Street Legal Utility Terrain Vehicles, will be issued a permanent ATV decal.

Street Legal Utility Terrain Vehicles will be issued a Motorcycle Tag month and year decal; to be renewed annually.

14 County/Expanded Jurisdiction Rates and tag fees apply to citizens living within the 14-county expanded jurisdictional boundary.

At Large Jurisdiction Rates and tag fee apply to citizens living outside the 14 county expanded jurisdictional boundary.